Photography PTSD

PTSD project #1

Last week in a private group of PTSD fellow sufferers a question was asked who would like to work on a PTSD project to ask for more attention for this problem at the employer, the National Police. The request was to provide a portrait photo which would be processed in a film addressed to the boss of the National Police, mr. E. Akerboom. It seemed like a good initiative, but I did not see a “normal” portrait picture like that.

I wanted to supply a photo in which the colorful side of a servant was highlighted and in addition the dramatic side of a servant with PTSD. After I had a brainstorming session, I started working out my idea with this photo as a result! This photo is now also posted on Twitter outside the relevant video and is often “liked” and “retweeted”. An overall view of more than 14,000 has now been achieved. This is a nice result.